Sunday, 24 May 2020

Airbus 320 Flight PK8303: Devastating Crash - Blued the eyes of the Nation

Since the inception of 2020, the whole world is going through tough time due to this pandemic. So is Pakistan. For almost two months, country was lock down due to COVID-19. People started trying to cope up in their daily life activities after lifting up lock down along with certain SOPs  to follow. Suddenly around 3 pm on 22 May 2020, nation heard news of Devastating Crash of  Airbus 320 Flight number PK8303 on houses in Jinnah Garden, Model Town Karachi.  Ramadan Kareem was about to end and Eid was very near. This incident has blued the eyes of the Nation by all means.

This accident reminds us again Air Blue and PIA plane crashes. We still remember whole nation cried for the martyred of Air Blue Clash near Margala Hills, Islamabad. Still we can see the remembrance monument at the sight where Air Blue accident happened. The other incident of PIA plane happened near Haripur in which we lost our beloved Religious scholar Junaid Jamshed and other wonderful people.Those incidents wounds haven't mended yet and this heart wrenching event took place just two days before Eid.

Lahore Via Karachi

Many people were traveling from Lahore to Karachi after two months of lock down and they didn't even think about such tragedy would be written in their fates. Instead of meeting their loved ones they gone far away from them.

Just wonder these people managed to get ticket after 8 weeks of lock down, to meet their loved ones. They maintained social distancing, wore masks and kept themselves stay strong for remaining away from Corona virus contact.

How they felt when pilot announced to fasten their seat belts for landing! And the mirror seats' passengers looking down to known roads, houses, and cars of Karachi. Suddenly at 2:44 plane crashed hard over houses instead of landing at 2:45 on runway.

Life is so unpredictable

There is no second opinion on this statement. Residential of Jinnah Garden, Karachi must be having fine and relaxing time before 2:44. All of the sudden big bang happened over their heads along with huge fire and disaster. 

According to reports Mr. Zafar Masud was on the first seat of the plane. He fortunately survived by miracle. Whereas residential at their homes in cozy environment had faced the damages.

That's the power of the Creator. He; who plans everything. He can keep us safe even falling from high heights if He wants too. 

 Survivor’s Experience         

Apart from Mr. Zafar Masud other survivor named Muhammad Zubair, by miracle saved his life right after crash by jumping from the plane. He told media that pilot touched down the run way then it had kind of 3 bumps then suddenly pilot took off the plane in a smooth manner and air craft was in air for next 13-15 mins, then again he heard the call of landing from pilot, but after that it crashed.

Final Thoughts

In the end we would like to convey our heartiest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in this incident in this Holy Month. May Allah higher the ranks of all Martyred in Jannah and give big Patience to their surviving loved ones.  In the end everybody has to depart. Some leaves early, others late. But whenever we meet our lord, may He will be happy from us. Aameen


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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Crunchy Imli Chutney- Perfect Partner To Your Sweet and Sour Taste Buds

 Homemade Yummy Crunchy Imli Chutney

The mouth tendering word Imli (Tamarind) automatically fills your mouth with water. Crunchy Imli Chutney is the homemade chutney exclusively prepared by Best Home Cuisine Home Chefs with love and care. If you like Imli Chutney then it is the perfect partner to your sweet and sour taste buds.

Our Core Believe

Our cooking philosophy is; 'Home Made is the The Best Made.' We believe in using fresh, organic, and high quality ingredients in preparation of any cuisine. There is no MSG or artificial flavors used in it. All natural ingredients have been used after proper inspection. 

Exclusive Features of Crunchy Imli Chutney

   Perfect viscosity
   Roasted sesame seeds and char magaz
   High and refined quality tamarind
   Hygienically prepared
   Fresh organic ingredients 
   No artificial flavors or additives
   No chemical food colors

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Health Benefits

People of South Asia region loves to use Tamarind in their normal diet. It’s the best partner to beat the heat of summer. Our Crunchy Imli Chutney is a unique product by itself. Carefully we have selected healthy ingredients for it. This chutney is the best side complimentary dish for your main course dishes or snacks during tea time. Some of the benefits of those ingredients are given below:

1- Tamarind AKA Imli - King of Chutney

 Refined Imli 
There are numerous benefits of tamarind on our health. Few are listed down:

   Daily usage reduce belly fat and weight
   Improves Eye health wellness 
   Protective agent from heart disease, cancer and diabetes
   Contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties due to Vitamin C 
   Blood circulation improvement 
   Boost our immune system

2- Garlic- Queen of Chutney

There are several medicinal beneficial properties present in garlic. It is one of the most important ingredients of Crunchy Imli Chutney. We have used it in the form of tiny chunks. This has enhanced the flavor to next level.

   Good in combating virus, including the common cold
   Usage of garlic reduces blood pressure
   Lower risk of heart attack and improves Cholesterol levels
  Decrease bone loss by increasing estrogen
   Contains high amount of nutrients but very few calories

3- Sesame Seeds- Prince of Chutney

We have used roasted sesame seeds that make this chutney so special and crunchy.

   Good fiber source
   May decrease Cholesterol and Triglycerides
   Contain good amount of Vitamin B
   May help lowering Blood Pressure
   Healthy Bone supporter

4- Chaar Magaz- Princess of Chutney

Watermelon seed from Char Magaz is being used in this chutney, and yes it is also roasted. This element also increases the crunchiness and enhances the taste; you can feel it in every bite.

   Healthy snacks
   Powerhouse of nutrients like iron, foliate, zinc, magnesium, copper, potassium
   Effective source of healthy protein and fats
   Deworming agent in intestine
   Good for healthy and glowing skin

Decision Time

We have read the various benefits of many ingredients use in this Tamarind Chutney and now it’s the best time to make the right decision about it. Consumption of this chutney will give you health benefits by all means. So Stay Safe during COVID-19, beat the heat and eat healthy. Kindly must give a try to our Crunchy Imli chutney!

The only additive we use is Love! <3
Storage & care:

  Keep it in fridge
  Can be stored up to 2 months


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Monday, 18 May 2020

Best Home Cuisine-New Home Chefs in Lahore

Are you in food loving city Lahore? Also are you looking to eat something unique, hygienic, and homemade? Try food from Best Home Cuisine- New Home Chefs in Lahore. This is our venture started with my better half. But in future with the passage of its growth we would love to attach more people with us and generate employment. Recently we have launched frozen food range.

Our Philosophy 

Our presentation style is very simple. We don't like to put fancy and filtered pictures of cuisine which we prepared in our kitchen. We believe in showing what you can deliver in real to our customers. Because delivering fake things can break the hearts and trust of customers and it's kind of looting money. At Best Home Cuisine we don't do these kinds of dishonest services. In our agenda there is no compromise on quantity, quality and hygiene of food. 

Our Cooking Strategy

We cautiously select fresh and organic ingredients for dishes. Neatly clean the vegetables and meat our core practice before preparing any meal related to it.

Though our presentation style is simple, which is basically real, but cooking style is way technical and tricky. We use combination of our own spices. That's the secret of our own taste. We prefer to take orders at least 1 or 2 days ago, hence you can get the best quality and fresh meal.

Frozen Food Category

Currently we have launched frozen food including:

1- Fresh Beef Qeema Samosa:

The filling of this Samosa is inspired from our mom's recipe but we use combination of grounded spices. We have put good amount of filling in samosa for customers. You will definitely love munching it and ask for another one.
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2- Fresh Qeema Veges Samosa:

Its filling is well prepared in Chinese style of cooking. Julian cut seasonal vegetables are used in it along with soya sauce and grounded spices. Again bite full filling you can witness in samosa.

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3- Chicken Eggs Veges Roles:

Filling of this role is also inspired by Chinese cooking style, but we have added our uniqueness and creativity in it. You can let us know after eating it. The size of this role is heavy. You can check in picture.

                         >>>>>>>>>> Click here to Get Them <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Prices are well justified as the quantity of filling samosas and roles are filled well. 

Future Cuisines

In near future In Sha Allah we will launch Best Home Cuisine full menu.  Right now we are focusing on doing things in homely way. Whatever we cook for ourselves show it to you people.So that you can also try in same way as we are showing. We don't believe in doing fancy and fake show off marketing. Our focus is on quality, quantity, and food’s taste. 

The Best Time

After reading this holistic post about Best Home Cuisine, now you may visit our FB page and give a try to any one or all of our frozen items by placing order. This is the best time to place an order, as Ramadan is about to complete and we will celebrate Eid with our loved ones soon. So keep your fridge filled with our homemade frozen food. And enjoy eating them during Eid and after it as well.  So give a try to Best Home Cuisine- New Home Chefs in Lahore.

Have a good time and stay blessed during COVID-19 at home!


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Capture Your Best Moments from Nikon D3500

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Saturday, 2 May 2020

Capture Your Best Moments from Nikon D3500

Are you interested in capturing beautiful pictures? And you haven’t tried Nikon D3500, then you really don’t know what you’re missing out. For many years, Nikon has been designing quality DSLRS in affordable price, that has given leverage to people to capture the best moments of their lives and make them memories.
In this current review, I am going to give you a great review and tell you what this model has and does. It has everything you’re looking for and you know EXACTLY what is that you’re getting with Nikon D3500.
Take a glance at these specs! They’re extremely good for what you’re searching for in this camera at unbelievable low price. It’s very easy to use a point-and-shoot, whether you’re newbie or professional photographer, I affirm you’ll love this camera for sure.
Zoom                          1080p HD Video
Sensor                         CMOS Sensor
Battery                        Rechargeable, Li-ion Battery
Resolution                    24 MP Resolution
Connectivity                 Wifi, HDMI

Easy. Portable. Amazing

Take more unforgettable pictures. The photos you are taking with the D3500 capture over the instant—they capture the sensation of the moment, a sense which will be shared straightaway together with your friends and family and so relived for a lifespan.

Colors that comes in any light

Inside each DSLR could be a specialized pc that fine-tunes the settings for every shot. Nikon's famous Expeed image process system is constructed upon a stylish history of imaging power, and it helps the D3500 take fantastically vivacious photos and videos in nearly any condition.

D3500 camera's bridge to your world

Download Nikon's free SnapBridge app and your D3500 photos can seem right a compatible smartphone or tablet for posting to your favorite social sites, sharing with friends and family or simply as backups. You’ll be able to even use the smartphone or tablet to remotely access the D3500 to require footage.

Beautiful footage for all

You don't got to be a lens man to understand a good photograph once you see one. And you do not got to be a lensman to require a good photo—you simply would like the D3500. It's as simple to use as a point-and-shoot, however it takes stunning DSLR photos and videos that get detected.

It feels outstanding in your hands, durable and balanced with controls wherever you would like them. It's compact, sturdy and versatile, ideal for travel. And it works seamlessly with compatible smartphones, creating it easier than ever to share your nice photos. Although you've got ne'er picked up a DSLR camera, you'll be able to take stunning footage with D3500.

Welcome Newbies

If you'll be able to take an image together with your smartphone, you'll be able to take a good image with the D3500. motorcar Mode delivers wonderful leads to nearly any scenario. If you would like to be told whereas you shoot, activate Guide Mode and follow straightforward on-screen steering.

 Buy now

Customers Recommendations
  •    Awesome camera... excellent "picture quality"..u should buy this product d3500.. don't go for d3400..I give guarantee buy Nikon D3500...also don't go for Canon...waste of money...Nikon is best and less price with high specifications.
  • With max ISO 25600 you will get a better control over low light shots, than similar beginner-level Cannon models.

    I chose this camera over Cannon 1500D because I heard a lot of critic                reviews, and all of them were recommending Nikon.The camera has a good        grip, and doesn't much weigh, so you can easily take shots with one hand.

    Most people have complained about no WiFi. I haven't missed that feature          much. Because, I will not have a WiFi while taking shots outside. I can easily      transfer the pictures to my computer using the SD card reader.

   The camera doesn't have geo-tagging feature. But you can easily pair the           SnapBridge App with the camera, and it will use phone's location and use it       for geo-tagging. I really liked it.

   Overall the camera is great.

  • This is my first DSLR. I am very happy about this performance and picture quality. . This camera very easy to use. No need to join workshop . Just see video on YouTube. You will get everything knowledge. Very easy to shoot picture on different mode. I feel myself like professional photographer. and thanks Amazon for before time delivery great packing. Trustful product. No need to think that online shopping is not trustful. It's wrong. All documents , manual and warranty card inside. I registered my product on Nikon website also.


Feel free to order:

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Airbus 320 Flight PK8303: Devastating Crash - Blued the eyes of the Nation

Since the inception of 2020, the whole world is going through tough time due to this pandemic. So is Pakistan. For almost two months,...