Monday, 18 May 2020

Best Home Cuisine-New Home Chefs in Lahore

Are you in food loving city Lahore? Also are you looking to eat something unique, hygienic, and homemade? Try food from Best Home Cuisine- New Home Chefs in Lahore. This is our venture started with my better half. But in future with the passage of its growth we would love to attach more people with us and generate employment. Recently we have launched frozen food range.

Our Philosophy 

Our presentation style is very simple. We don't like to put fancy and filtered pictures of cuisine which we prepared in our kitchen. We believe in showing what you can deliver in real to our customers. Because delivering fake things can break the hearts and trust of customers and it's kind of looting money. At Best Home Cuisine we don't do these kinds of dishonest services. In our agenda there is no compromise on quantity, quality and hygiene of food. 

Our Cooking Strategy

We cautiously select fresh and organic ingredients for dishes. Neatly clean the vegetables and meat our core practice before preparing any meal related to it.

Though our presentation style is simple, which is basically real, but cooking style is way technical and tricky. We use combination of our own spices. That's the secret of our own taste. We prefer to take orders at least 1 or 2 days ago, hence you can get the best quality and fresh meal.

Frozen Food Category

Currently we have launched frozen food including:

1- Fresh Beef Qeema Samosa:

The filling of this Samosa is inspired from our mom's recipe but we use combination of grounded spices. We have put good amount of filling in samosa for customers. You will definitely love munching it and ask for another one.
                                >>>>>>>>> Click here to Get Them  <<<<<<<<<<<<<

2- Fresh Qeema Veges Samosa:

Its filling is well prepared in Chinese style of cooking. Julian cut seasonal vegetables are used in it along with soya sauce and grounded spices. Again bite full filling you can witness in samosa.

                                  >>>>>>>>>>> Click here to Get Them <<<<<<<<<<<<

3- Chicken Eggs Veges Roles:

Filling of this role is also inspired by Chinese cooking style, but we have added our uniqueness and creativity in it. You can let us know after eating it. The size of this role is heavy. You can check in picture.

                         >>>>>>>>>> Click here to Get Them <<<<<<<<<<<<<

Prices are well justified as the quantity of filling samosas and roles are filled well. 

Future Cuisines

In near future In Sha Allah we will launch Best Home Cuisine full menu.  Right now we are focusing on doing things in homely way. Whatever we cook for ourselves show it to you people.So that you can also try in same way as we are showing. We don't believe in doing fancy and fake show off marketing. Our focus is on quality, quantity, and food’s taste. 

The Best Time

After reading this holistic post about Best Home Cuisine, now you may visit our FB page and give a try to any one or all of our frozen items by placing order. This is the best time to place an order, as Ramadan is about to complete and we will celebrate Eid with our loved ones soon. So keep your fridge filled with our homemade frozen food. And enjoy eating them during Eid and after it as well.  So give a try to Best Home Cuisine- New Home Chefs in Lahore.

Have a good time and stay blessed during COVID-19 at home!


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