Wednesday 29 April 2020

Learning Chinese Language Amidst COVID-19 is Like “Transforming” Quarantine into Blessing

No wonder if a bunch of smart people get moved, and start learning Chinese language thus transforming Quarantine to Blessing during COVID-19... All after reading this article, if so happens__ then we would bid them: Bon voyage.

Sane minds know that, this modern time is “Skills Learning Era,” which simply means that without having the thirst of skill-learning and applying, nobody would stand tall in today's dynamic market. These days besides digital skills needs, Chinese language skills have also become vitally important for growth, especially in our region. Firstly, because China is our tested friend & great neighbor, and secondly, because it is the world largest producer as well as buyer. Now most of the countries rely on China in one way or another. That is why, today’s World witnessed widespread shortages during China's 3-months lockdown. Its aftermaths has not yet come to end.

But things will never remain same. When everything will get better soon, countries will be approaching China more, for new deals. Simultaneously, many forward looking businessmen & professionals are already in process of learning Chinese language during COVID-Quarantineor at least have plans of joining some practical Market Chinese course, in near future. This pre-emptive action will certainly help them to communicate with Chinese counterparts’ private concerns, also with higher Government officials.

As we are the major partner of CPEC, Pakistani indigenous businesses growth and sustainability depends upon learning this new language skill. In a nut-shell, learning skills of learning Chinese language during COVID-19 Quarantine is need of the day.

What’s next? Now, where to start this learning journey from?

Axinstitute for Chinese Language

Axinstitute for Chinese Language, Karachi is the brain child of Mr. Asim Qadri, the founder and core trainer. With an MBA, and Int’l certifications in Chinese language, he has 22 years’ experience in academics & corporate, including 10 years as a trainer of functional business Chinese language to the Pakistani industry.

In retrospect, Mr. Asim’s love for Mandarin Chinese Language was sparked much before the term BRI, OBOR or CPEC even appeared on air. Precisely, in 1999 when his learnt father and mentor (Late Mr Imaduddin Qadri) advised him and his two friends Humayun Sheikh and Khurram Jamali: “You should learn Chinese Language as soon as possible, because it is soon going to be this regions second business language.”  So three of them learnt it; got benefited in their places; now serving Pakistan in their capacities.

So, on his father directions, Mr. Axin (Asim’s Chinese name) first started on his own using internet, later joined proper Chinese Language schools: first Chinese language tutorial center, then Confucius institute at University of Karachi. He completed diploma and several international certifications for HSK and others, meanwhile also traveled to China.

Since 2009, he is in the field of Chinese Language training, mainly to Businessmen, Professionals and the Corporate Sector. Now with huge experience, he also presents his papers in university level seminars, on Chinese language teaching methodologies; also sharing his experience with others in the field through his blogs and vlogs on language learning. Also he was covered in mainstream media several times including The Dawn newspaper & ARY news TV.

During this COVID-19 Quarantine period, Axinstitute has come up with two outstanding very popular programs which are stated below: 

Market Chinese (Business Chinese)


In today's world, from needle to satellite; from musalah to tasbeeh, you can find everything labeled “Made in China”. Even Elon Musk’s famous High tech Tesla Car – Modle-3, now being marketed with proud slogan: Tesla- Made in China. It means China is not only into quantity manufacturing & selling but also now it is into Quality business too. It is the manufacturing hub for major global brands.

In this back drop, China’s present & future role as world’s biggest buyer, seller and supplier, are all obvious. By the same token, if you are into any business or profession, be it small or big, then you should ASAP learn Market Chinese; for your future business growth; for tapping the opportunities. At Axinstitute, Market Chinese course is another name of Business Chinese. 

In this course, besides Chinese Language skillswill also equip with pragmatic insight of Chinese culture; specifically business culture, their business norms. This set of knowledge is all practically applicable in the field, resulting in business benefits. Online Market Chinese course details are available here.

Kiddy Chinese


Axinstitute has come up with great concept of teaching Chinese for kids in highly interactive fun learning way. Kids enjoy learning Chinese language… hidden reason:  it is a tonal language, and kids are natural imitators of sounds, so uttering high pitch and low pitches sounds is playful activity for them. Bottom lines, Kiddy Chinese online classes during this COVID-19 Quarantine time, are in net favorite searches.  


Therefore, Chinese for kids is highly recommended short course. It simply transforms kids’ lockdown free time into productive activity, resulting in grooming of their future profile in professional world. 

Online Kiddy Chinese classes’ details are available here.

Action Time
Indeed the world would be totally changed after lockdown. New opportunities will come up in the Pakistani and global markets as well. Those who are foreseeing this period as an opportunity to learn new skills like Learning Chinese language during Covid-19 Quarantine, will definitely walk up with high head. Keeping in mind, CPEC opportunities for Pakistani businessmen, professional and youth, this would be true Blessing in Disguise.

Act now... I say, all the best to you, our readers.


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